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Bundle Promotion RM16.90 (n/p RM20.50)

1 x 250g Papa Fong Signature Rojak Paste (n/p RM12.70)

1 x 200g Papa Fong Premium Peanut Chunks (n/p RM7.80) 

【How to enjoy Fruit Rojak】

1)Prepare your favourite fruits. 

2)Dice them into sizes of one-per-bite. 

3)Add in Papa Fong Signature Rojak Paste (moderate servings to match fruits portion)

4)Add Papa Fong Premium Peanut Chunks

5)Enjoy the classic rojak buah!


" Experience the enchanting and classic flavors of Papa Fong's Secret Recipe Rojak Paste, a cherished family treasure since 1982. Our authentic blend of premium vegetarian paste, tangy tamarind, and aromatic spices captures the essence of Malaysia special dessert. Elevate your dishes with a spoonful of history and indulge in a taste that has stood the test of time.


Join us in celebrating tradition and savor the legacy with every bite."

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